Precision mechanical construction for scientific research
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Cargo Inspection X-Band

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Production of C-Band structures continues

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RF Gun for ELI-NP Gamma Beam System, delivered


INFN - National Institute of Nuclear Physics
IFIN - Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering
CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research
STFC - Science & Technology Facilities Council
ESRF - European Synchrotron Radiation Facility


Work in the technology sector requires competence, experience and equipment.

Comeb guarantees the highest standards of quality in all phases of its work: from design to production.

Comeb provides subcontract mechanical work, designing and realizing everything from single components to complete machines. Its products are used in all industrial and scientific sectors and Comeb has a proven track record in the aerospace and aeronautics industries and archaeological research.

Comeb offers its customers:
  • 2D and 3D mechanical design (CAD/CAE/CAM)
  • RF design
  • A machine shop equipped with work centers at 3/4/5 simultaneous axes able to generate stroke of up to 2200mm and numerical control lathes with up to 4 simultaneous axes
  • Ultra High Vacuum Brazing and Baking with vertical and horizontal furnace
  • TIG and Microplasma Welding
  • Metrological measurement and testing with 3D CMM machines
  • Vacuum testing with membrane and turbomolecolar pumps, oil-free helium leak detectors (sensitivity <1E-12) and mass spectrometer
  • A 60-m2 ISO-7 clean room
  • An air-conditioned room for ultra-precise machining, equipped with a high precision CNC lathe SCHAUBLIN 225 TM - CNC
  • Cleaning room with ultrasonic tanks


Comeb specializes on the manufacture of compact linear accelerators for medical, industrial and research applications. In order to achieve such compactness, X-Band technology is used.

Recently, the company has delivered a  1 MeV linac to be used for aviation cargo inspection.

The cavity is only 15 cm long and  was designed as an X-band pi/2 bi-periodic structure.

The linac was tested at STFC (Science and Technology Facilities Council). Measurements of the radiation dose and electron beam energy spectrum are reported below.



Comeb has delivered a  1 MeV linac cavity prototype to be used for aviation cargo inspection.

The cavity consists in 8 brazed copper cells and a waveguide in a central position.  It was designed as an X-band p/2 bi-periodic structure. This tecnology allows small linac dimensions easily integrated with the requirements of the commercial system for scanning.

The particular design of the structure minimizes the effects of perturbations and results in a much lower accelerating gradient. The cavity operates with a 30 MV/m accelerating gradient.


RF parameters are:


-Frequency                                  9298 MHz

-Nominal Bandwidth                      1 MHz

-Total peak output power               1,5 MW

-Pulse Repetition Rate Range           100 Hz

-RF Pulse Width                             5 µs




Comeb's objective is to increase its technological expertise so that it can provide its clients support that is always on the cutting edge of new technologies. Two elements that ensure the achievement of this objective:

  • constant investment in technological equipment and research
  • professional training and development of its staff